About Me

GRADY BURKE and  TERRI "TUYEN" BURKE are the owners of Burke Homes. Burke Homes is a company that is in the business of primarily selling used "manufactured homes" in mobilehome parks. Although many people still call them "mobilehomes", the correct name is "manufactured" as the homes are built in a factory, and the only "mobile" time is when they are shipped to the park site where they usually remain for the life of the home.
Burke Homes has been selling used homes since 1976. We installed and sold new homes also from 1988 to 1995.
During this period we have been guided by a strong set of values that includes; integrity, loyalty and commitment to our clients. We offer experience, knowledge of the business, and professionalism in handling listings and sales.
Burke Homes sincerely wants to provide you with whatever area of our expertise you need. Our company is family owned, and when you call us you deal with an owner. Grady Burke is a licensed Department of Housing Dealer, a Realtor Associate, and an appraiser of mobilehomes(this is very important so you can know the true evaluation of your home). Terri " Tuyen" Burke is a licensed Department of Housing Salesperson and a computer technician. We are available for consultation from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. everyday.