1/ Jerry& Margo Zanzinger
      - Thanks again for your help in selling our homes. It made our dreams come true!
     2/ Steve & Sonia Curtis
      - I want to thank you again for being a great, professional realtor. You made our selling experience go smoothly and uneventfull.
     3/ Steve, Thuy Burke
      - Thuy and I want to thank both of you for the hard work you put on this deal. You went above the call of duty.
     4/ Greg & Betty Kerwin.
      - Just want to say thank you again for the fine job you did in selling our place in Casa de Amigos. The extra income we received from your advice helpful in purchasing our new place in Folsom.
     5/ Pamela Aguilina
     - Thank you so much for all of your help, you are a pleasure to work with and I couldn't have sold my mom's place so fast without you. I woudn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone, although I doubt if I 'll have the opportunity.
    6/ John, Janet & Madison Bloomstine.
       - We want to thank you very much for all your help with the purchase of our beautiful home! And thank you ,also, for saving us money with the loan point reduction! We really appreciate that!  It was such a pleasure meeting you and your lovely wife!
     7/ Denny, Lauren McIlvaine ( 2006)
      - Thank you for all of your assistance. Lauren and I are grateful for all of the time you spent with us to make our dream come true.
        We're excited to be part of the Casa de Amigos neighborhood.
     8/ Ernie & Ginger Valencia ( 2007)
          We would like to thank Terri and Grady Burke for all their help in providing us with the information we needed to buy and complete the purchase of our beautiful  mobilehome. They worked with us to keep us within our budget and to get the best financing. They worked hard to close the deal at the date we requested.
     9/ Lynn Vo & Calvin Vo ( 2007)
          Thank you very much Burkes for helping us find our wonderful home.
     10/ Jack & Joyce Igoe ( Pensylvania- 2007)
          Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks again for the great service you provided before and during our visit. You went above and beyond to make it possible for us to achieve our objective of purchasing a new home quickly and efficiently, in one three-day trip.
    11/ Maggie Tong ( Casa de Amigos / Seller- 2011)
         I'm very thankful to have you as my agent and helped me to sell my home so fast and so smooth. I'm greatful to both of you for doing so much for me. Your advise and support are deeply appreciated by my family and myself. It has been my pleasure knowing both of you. I'm deeply touched with the warmth and kindness that I experienced while working with both of you. With both of you, GOOD HEALTH AND GOOD BUSINESS.
    12/  Polanco ( Casa de Amigos / Seller- 2011)
         Thank you for getting our house sold. My only regret is I did not list with you two and a half years ago. Your efforts are much appreciated.
    13/ Nancy & Michael ( Casa de Amigos # 168/ Sellers 2011)
          We knew for sure at the first day to meet Terri that she will sell our house and she did for us in just a very short time on the market. She even sold my home at the price more than we wanted, we were so frustraded with our situation before we met Terri. Thank you so much for your help, Terri.
    14/ Chris ( Casa de Amigos / Seller 2012)
          I want to thank you and Terri again for your professional and personable assistance in the sale of my home. From past experience I knew that the Realtor I chose was going to bethe pivotal decision in assuring a smooth and profitable experience. And you provided just that. What impressed me most was your integrity. You followed through with each and every single thing you said you would do and stayed in communication throughout entire process. Not a question went unanswered and the responses came in a timely manner. Grady, if you were busy, Terri was there to assist me. I so appreciate your kindness and it was wonderful to get to know you. Iwish you the very best and I'm sending you and Terri a heathfelt thank you.
    15/ Ted Mattos ( Casa de Amigos) 2017
I very much appreciated Terri's willingness to keep communication open with me. I felt confident that my questions would be answered in a timely manner.  I would be happy to work with Terri in the future. 
    16/ Richard Vavak ( Plaza del Rey) Seller 2017
I do want to take amoment to further express my appreciation for all that you and Terri did to bring about a smooth sale of my mobile home. Anyway, thanks again for all of your help and expertise in bringing about a smooth sale.
     17/ Mr & Mrs Allen Hopper, Casa de Amigos # 77, Buyer 2017
We purchased our new home through BURKE HOMES. We were guided through the process in a very professional manner by Grady and Terri Burke. Any questions we had were answered by the Burke's. We wanted to live in this beautiful Casa de Amigos Park and the Burke's found us the perfect home. We are also their neighbor's. We would recommend anyone wanting to sell or buy a mobile home to call BURKE HOMES first and you will get knowledgeable and honest service.

       18/ Dalinda Blanco, Casa de Amigos # 750,  Seller 2018
I purchased my Mobile Home in 2015 from Burke Homes. I was extremely happy with the way Grady and Terri guided me through the process. I have loved my home and also the Park. I have now decided to sell my home and I immediately thought of them. I said to myself that I need to give Terri a shot! Terri came to my home and listed at an agreed upon very good price and at a fair commission. I believe that they will sell my home very soon.
After my decision to give Terri a shot to sell my home, she brought me a cash offerafter the first week on the market with the price and the term which I wanted. She saved me money, saved me time and I happily to move out of my house. I refered her to one of my friends and will refer her to anyone else whom I know. Terri did a good job for me when I bought this home and she also did a good job to sell my home again. I would highly recommend Terri & Grady Burke to sell your home.

         19/ Mr & Mrs Nguyen, Casa de Amigos # 750, Buyers 2018
I wrote below my testimonial, it's my true feeling towards your help, service and personality. We were blessed that we met you.
We couldn't find the right words to express our appreciation to Ms. TuyenBurke for her tremendous help with our purchase. She was very professional, sincere and knowlegeable. It's because of her, our first purchase went very smoothly and was totally pleasant successful experience. Through it, we not only laded in our dream home that our kids fell in love with but also we were lucky enuogh to know a new wonderful friend like her. We definitely recommend Burke Homes service to anyone with high confidence that they will have the same experience like we did. Thanks a lot, Ms. Tuyen.